Minda Bare's Rucksack/Tibetan Instructions


1) Find the middle of the wrap. 2) Get top rail on top of baby's shoulders and gather extra
fabric under baby's bum

3) gather into one hand under chin 4) gather in right hand wrist facing out
loose rails hanging in between you and baby
left hand under baby's back

5) and 6) Toss baby over shoulder with right hand while guiding and supporting with left

7) and 8 ) grab left and right rails with baby's hands and duck under

9) and 10) you have just hauled over!

11) hold rails taunt, make sure top rail is pulled tight. 12) bring both rails toward back going
of each side rail is pulled tight so baby is over the TOP of baby's legs and baby is tight against your back.

13and 14) Cross making an X and exchange hands. Then go under the baby's legs and bring fabric back around toward the front.

15 and 16) bring to front and tie. I usually wrap at least one rail around twice and tie on the side.



{15} A and B) Grab one working rail and place the other one in between legs to keep in place.

C and D) Weave right rail through left arm loop

E) loop left rail through right arm loop

F and G) make sure crossed rails fall onto of chest. Pull toward center and tie

H and I) you can leave rails hanging but I prefer to wrap back toward my back going under baby's legs and tie under bum



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