Amy's Rucksack Instructions

You can find a discussion of these instructions here.

I start showing the hip scoot method - but you can use any method to get baby on back.

Step one: I lay the baby in the middle of the wrap so it comes up under her armpits and then I pick her up and place her on my hip. If I am in a parking lot, I put baby on the hip first and then put the wrap around her.

Step two: Scoot child around to back.

Step three: Center child on your back. Make sure that the wrap has not gotten stuck anywhere between your back and the baby.

Step four: Grab the top rail of the wrap and spread the wrap out over the child's back.

Step five: Work on gathering and tightening just the top rail. Do both sides and then hold in one hand.

Step six: While holding the gathered tightened top rail in one hand, start on one side and gather the bottom rail. You want the wrap to come down just below the baby's knees. Gather on both sides.

Step seven: Holding the gathered material in both hands, slide hands down the wrap.

Step eight: You are now going to place the material over your shoulders. Do this by holding the gathered material with one hand and slip one arm in and under the wrap (look at the pic).

Step nine: Hold the side of the wrap that has come over your shoulder in between your knees. While you transfer the other side of the wrap over your other shoulder.

Step 10: Keep one side of the wrap between your knees and work on tightening the rails of the other side. Tighten both the top and the bottom. Make sure you really focus on the top.

Step 11: Place the tightened side between your knees and tighten the other side.

Step 12: Hold one of the tightened sides between your knees and take the other side and twist it a couple times inward. Start this around the level of your pubic bone (I sometimes do a lot higher - I don't think it really matters). Switch and twist the other side.

Step 13: After you have twisted both sides, bring them around to your back.

Step 14: Cross under bum and come back under child's legs and around to the front.

Step 15: Hold both ends of the wrap securely. Do a little jump and pull on the wrap to tighten it further.

Step 16: Tie a square knot in front or if you have enough fabric you can loop around again and tie under the baby's bum.

View from the back:

Finished rucksack:

This seems like a lot - but I can tie a rucksack on now pretty fast - almost as fast as a MT. I really didn't realize I was doing so many steps until I typed directions out for someone.

I'm pretty sure I do an extra step by tightening before I put the wrap over my shoulders, but I get a VERY secure and tight rucksack 99% of the time with this method.

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