Tibetan Carry with a wraparound carrier

The Tibetan Carry can be done with a short wraparound carrier (4.2m) that is reasonably wide (as wide as you would need for the Rucksack Carry). It is a similar carry to the Rucksack Carry in that the wrap goes under the baby's bottom and over your shoulders. However the baby can be positioned higher in the Tibetan Carry, high enough to see over your shoulder.

To begin: Place wrap at baby's back, about the 1/3 length of the fabric. For these instructions the short end of the wrap is on my left, the long on my right. I use the toss method...a controlled movement of picking up my son with the fabric wrapped around his back and up onto my back.

Step one
Once baby is on your back bring both lengths over your shoulders. Take the longer side under your armpit..here you see me taking the fabric up and over my shoulder then under my armpit. I am preparing to take this across Eli's back below the first wrap. Hold tight on the left side (this side stays in front) to keep baby steady..always keep tension on the fabric and lean slightly forward.

Step two
The second wrap is completed from above. After taking the fabric across your back, bring that length under your left armpit and across your chest to the opposite side.

Step Three
Still working with the original piece (originated on my right), thread that through the loop you now have at your right side.

Step Four
Then loop fabric twice back on itself. You are done with that piece, it should hang down your front.

Step Five
Take the left end (the one that has been straight down all along) pull tight to bring baby as close to you as possible. Now thread that end twice through the piece that is going across your chest

Finished Front view
You do not need a long wrap to do this..this is a size small Ellaroo. Also a nice thing about this tie style is that it does not press down or squash the breasts...the ties are all done above my breasts. However there is no weight distributed to my waist..so I can see this being used for a lighter weight baby.

This is a back view before I pulled Eli's legs to more of a sitting position (he likes to stretch out). I smoothed the wider wrap and pulled the second wrap over the bottom edge of the fabric.

Comfy...nice high position!

Corrected back view

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