Babywearing & Multiples Part 2
(older babies & toddlers)

By LaRee Brown

A simple pouch in front and
a Mei Tai on LaRee's back
As my daughters got older, heavier & actually started going for longer stretches without wanting to nurse, I began to look for a way to carry them front & back to give my arms more mobility (carrying a baby on each hip, even in slings, greatly limits what you can do with your hands). And so I discovered Mei Tais (MT).

Pouch and Mei Tai

I got my first MT when the girls were about 9 months old & LOVED it. I suspect it would have worked equally well starting around 6 months, or even younger for babies who don't nurse as often as mine did. The combo I used most was a pouch with the Mei Tai. I would put the pouch on positioned to use in a tummy-to-tummy carry, then I would put one baby on my back in the Mei Tai. Depending on the situation, I could either place the 2nd baby in the pouch from the beginning or, more often, I would use a single stroller (my children generally enjoyed riding in strollers for short trips
Two Mei Tais and I found I generally took one, as a way to carry the diaper bag, etc, even if I didn't expect either child to ride in it) or, place one child in the seat of the shopping cart. But I would have the pouch in place so that if the stroller/cart child wanted to be carried I could do so easily.

2 Mei Tais

Some people have suggested using 2 Mei Tais, one in front & one in back. I didn't have a second Mei Tai until my girls were toddlers and rarely needed to be carried together, but I did try it a few months ago and the drawback I found, with 2 toddlers, is that toddlers tend to like to get up & down frequently and I wasn't able to find a way to get the front child in/out of the carrier w/o removing the child from my back. There is still merit in having 2 Mei Tais so that each parent (or other caregivers) can wear a child, but it appears to me that the usefulness of wearing 2 Mei Tais together is limited to the infant stage, unless your toddlers are happy to be carried the whole time.

Wraparound Carriers

A wrap tied front cross carry in front,
a Mei Tai on LaRee's back. As my children learned to walk & respond to instructions, I've found that I use carriers less & less. However I just recently "rediscovered" wraparound carriers. I had tried these briefly when the girls were babies but found the learning curve to be too great for the patience (or lack thereof) of my babies. A wraparound WILL allow for a front carry that baby can be taken in & out of as needed, while providing the 2 shoulder support that is nice with larger children (vs. the on shoulder support of a ring sling or pouch). So, I've recently been playing with wearing one child in front in a wrap (front cross carry) and the 2nd child on my back in either a Mei Tai or a second wrap (rucksack carry). It is also possible to wear 2 children in one wrap (back wrap cross & front cross carry), but again the issue I found was the "up & down" desires of toddlers. Removing the front child from this combination results in the wrap being too loose (though it could be tightened) and I don't know of a way to get the back child out of a wrap w/o untying. However I can see this combination as being ideal for young babies who are happy to stay in the carrier for long periods of time (directions can be found at

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