Instructions for wrap cross back carry
with chest knot

By Philippa de la Haye

I recommend that the first few times you try this you have the help of another adult, also do it over a sofa or some cushions if possible.

Step 1
Lay the wrap out flat, place your baby in the middle of the wrap. The top edge should be up behind her neck, the lower edge behind her knees.
Pull the wrap really tight around her and hold with both hands.

Step 2
Lift her up using the fabric and swing her onto your shoulder (I do it onto my right, and am right handed). Lean forward, keeping tight hold with your right hand. Now use your left hand to support as you get her centred on your back.
Make sure the fabric is tucked under her bottom.

Step 3
Next bring the left side of the wrap over to your left shoulder. Do this by lifting it over your head while keeping a tight pull on both ends to hold your baby close into your back.

Step 4
Now you need to get both ends going under your armpits instead of over your shoulders.
Hold both ends tight with your R hand, put your left hand up between the two ends, take the left piece in your left hand and pull it over your shoulder so it ends up under your arm in one quick movement. Keep a firm pull on the end as you do this.
Now hold both ends with your L hand and do the same for the opposite side.

Step 5
Now tie a single knot with the loose ends so that it lies on your breast bone (I usually use my teeth to help hold the loop as I pull the end through. Pull nice and tight.
Make sure the fabric is still spread across your baby's back.

Step 6
Now continue as you would for a normal wrap cross carry. Take the end on the right side of the knot over your right shoulder, down across your baby's back and bottom and under her left leg. Then bring the end round to the front and trap it between your knees.

Step 7
Pull the fabric across both sides of her bottom and up her back to provide support.

Step 8
Now repeat this on the opposite side, so over your left shoulder, and under your baby's right leg this time. Spread the fabric on this side too.

Step 9
Tie the loose ends in a reef knot in front and relax.

Step 10
Spread the fabric over your shoulders if you want and adjust the position of the knot to get the most comfortable position for you.
What are the advantages of the chest belt variation over the regular wrap cross carry?
  • It secures the child very early in the tying process which is great for wrigglers.
  • It's very easy to tighten later: tighten the chest knot, then take the extra fabric down your back (both sides) and retighten the waist knot. This makes it a great option for a back carry with a stretchy wrap as it's much easier to get the tension correct.
  • Cooler in summer with the fabric bunched rather than spread on the front.
  • Some people think it looks better at the front; the knot can can be worn high or low.
  • Doesn't compress the breasts.

Additional photos:

Paulus and Samuel showing how a man can wear the front knot further down the chest.

Melanie and Fallon Straps bunched up. Note: the tie around the waist
is concealed under Melanie's shirt.

Melanie and Fallon Straps spread.

Melanie and Fallon Straps spread widely.

© photo instructions: Philippa de la Haye,, 2004
© additional notes: Jennifer Norton,, 2004.