Babywearing in church

Going to church with small children is no small task. It is so quiet, and your little ones can be so loud!

When I found out I was having a second baby, at first I thought I had only two options: disrupt everyone with my kids, or donít go until they're teenagers. But then along came my first beloved pouch, and I realized that not only CAN I make it through church without baby and toddler meltdowns, but that babywearing at church has a lot of benefits.

  • Protecting your little one from germs. I am one of those mamas who hates the idea of strangers touching or trying to hold my baby. It completely stresses me out. Imagine my shock and delight the first time I wore my son Buddy to church. All the little old ladies who usually grab at a baby merely smiled at him. Coughing, sneezing children glanced by, but never made an attempt to touch him. My baby was left completely alone to be with me. My personal space was never invaded, and therefore no one was able to get close enough to my son to infect him with any virus they might have had.
  • No playing pass the baby. Again, no one touched him. He wasnít overstimulated by dozens of people getting in his face, and I got several hours of cuddle time.
  • I could perform any church duties I had. I play the piano at church and played many times with my baby snoozing in his carrier. I sang in the choir, I helped with lessons, all while wearing my baby.
  • Discreet nursing. There were days when the mothers' lounge was full and it was standing room only. I could go back into the hall or wherever I needed to be and stand there and nurse my son without drawing any attention to myself.
  • Hands free to help other children. I had my hands free to get my 3-year-old daughter's snack from my bag, play with her and her toys and hand her crayons. She stayed happy, never felt neglected and therefore loud and cranky, and I could take care of both children
  • Easier napping. Itís hard to get a baby to nap at church when his schedule is being disrupted. But, for me it was never an issue. Iíd just sit in the very back and when he fussed Iíd stand in the aisle next to my seat and daughter and rock my son to sleep with hardly a cry.
  • Less to carry in and out. I never brought in a carseat and I was always able to get in and out of church easily.
  • Perfect way to teach reverence. My son has no idea that he could climb out of the pew and run around like a maniac. The thought has never occurred to him because at 15 months old, he still spends every minute of church in a carrier. Heís quiet and easy to care for and most importantly to me, he is learning to sit quietly for church and entertain himself with quiet activities. What a simple and beautiful way to teach a child to behave quietly and respectfully.
  • More opportunity to show off the "fancy carriers." I love to wear my extra pretty mei tais to church. Or, if I have a new ring sling I want to test drive, church is the perfect setting to wear, adjust and enjoy. Plus, with all my frumpy mom clothes, a carrier can add some flair to my churchgoing outfit.
I wear my baby everywhere else, why would church be any different? Honestly, what a wonderful place to love your baby... in your place of worship, whatever it may be.