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If you wish to maximize the exposure of your business among the babywearing community, promote your business at! We offer:

Direct Advertising through
We offer a variety of direct advertising opportunities through the site. Options include banner ads, sales pages, monthly lucky draws, vendor spotlights and forum for-sale-or-trade listings. Please see our advertising page for more details.

Google Ads
We are currently displaying Google Ads on the home page, on the articles directories and in the forums. Google selects which ads will be displayed based on the content of the page. For example, if you choose "Mei Tai" as a keyword for your ads, the ads will appear on pages about Mei Tais. Ads that are related to page content are generally seen as more useful by consumers. To sign up for Google AdWords go to

Business and Products Database
Keep your business and products information up to date in our database. The data is used to enable users to post reviews of your business and the products you sell.

To submit details about your business, or edit your details, click
Please contact us if you have questions about this service.

RateMe Buttons
Add a "RateMe at" button to your website and your emails to enable your customers to quickly and easily submit reviews of your business (and your products). For a selection of button images, click here. For help with installing your button, see the email sent shortly after you originally submitted data to the database. If you're still stuck, email the Webmaster.

Forum Participation
Many vendors report that their website has received many more hits, and more business, as a result of contributing to our forums. Please take a moment to read our vendor posting guidelines before posting.
When you register at TBW, we require that you include your business name and/or URL in your registration signature for disclosure purposes. Your signature appears automatically at the bottom of each post you make in the forums. You can edit both of these in your profile (click on the UserCP link found on the top left of any forums page).
We have a vision of a babywearing world, and we'd like your business to join us in this great work!