Site Founders - Jennifer Norton and Denby Angus was founded in 2003 by Australians Jennifer Norton and Denby Angus. Their first son was carried in-arms, without benefit of a sling, and Jeni ended up with severe tenosynovitis in both elbows. It wasn't until she read The Baby Book (by Dr William and Martha Sears) that she realised there was a simple solution! Life with their second worn baby seemed much less daunting, as she was happy, her older brother got lots of attention, and mum and dad could get other things done too. Jeni's "parenting anxiety" was reduced by about 90%!


Jennifer completed Honours study in Developmental Psychology and is now a PhD student at the Australian National University. She is interested in parenting per se, and in interventions or strategies that make parenting easier and less anxiety-ridden for parents and therefore better for children (just like babywearing!). Her particular interests are post-natal depression, as well as mums and babies with special needs, and whether babywearing would be a useful strategy for these mums and babies (indications are that it could be very valuable).

Denby played a crucial role in developing the website and providing essential technical support. Both he and Jennifer strongly believe that babywearing is a wonderful "intervention" for most families. Their idea for this website came out of our own experiences: it's a resource that would have helped us, when they started out as parents.

For some history of the site read this, this, and this.


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