(We all know why you're here)

Why does my partner get strange, glazed look when I talk about my latest babycarrier?

There's no room left in the HUGE basket I bought for my slings…

My friends say I speak in TLAs (three letter acronyms) so much, they can barely make out what I'm talking about … aren't they interested in the difference between the AFP and the ACP? the relative stretchiness of the UBW and the HaB? Surely they want to hear about my new TMT sling???

Now, a podegi would be perfect for gardening and when it's time to paint the house, something functional but nice, perhaps a wraparound in a denim fabric to match my jeans … I so love those wraparounds especially my beautiful didymos -- I save that one for special occasions (you should see how impressed the visitors are!), not to mention my long rebozo that is just the best for doing an over-the-shoulder-underarm-cross-wrap-hip-carry (which is the BEST for walks to the corner-store AND playing the piano).

A new pouch would be nice. My fleece one is great for the middle of winter and the cotton is brilliant for summer, but what about autumn? … OMG! I almost forgot spring!

I use my soft carriers ALL the time. There's the velvet one with a pocket - for when I have to take my keys - and the one without a pocket (for when I don’t, silly); and the one with the… well I suppose you don’t want to hear about all of them… do you?

And what about those carries that can only be done with 2 slings! I'm SO excited! You know, I could potentially replace all of my other babycarriers with just 2 slings ... well perhaps not replace them all but 2 MBs would supplement my collection very nicely, just sort of flesh it out a bit … and after all, I could always get a bigger basket ...

Are you one of a growing group of mothers who is dreading the day when your baby begins to insist on "down, put me down"?


Welcome to Babywearers Anonymous



We have it from a reliable source that membership of BA is growing rapidly. Any tips for helping these poor sufferers would be appreciated. (Ah, no, ... having another baby merely feeds the addiction I'm afraid ...)

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