The Human Element in Babywearing

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Personal Stories

 Polka Dot Memories*  LeAnn Contessa shares her discovery of babywearing.
 Reflections on constant carrying  Barbara Wishingrad on carrying her first baby (at
 Wearing Our Toddlers --- A Love Story*  Gretchen Otto shares the joys of wearing her toddlers.
Infant Reflux and Babywearing: A Happy Coexistence* Laura shares her experiences with babywearing and GERD.
 The Evolution of a Babywearer  Christy shares her babywearing journey.
 An Afternoon with Two Boys   Christy relates how babywearing facilitated caring for 6-week-old and 14-month-old boys.

Babywearing vendor interviews

 Interview with Angie*  from Just Ducky Babies, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Alison*  from Marsupial Mother, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Beate and Kurt*  from Children's Needs, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Summer*  from Unique Baby Boutique, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Vee*  from Snugups, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Kristine*  from BabySpaceSlings, by Elizabeth Manning
 Interview with Sarah*  from Wallypop, by Kristina Deppe

Babywearing in the news

 Babywearing Celebrities  News and gossip about celebs wearing their babies (at Mamma's Milk)


 The Evolution Revolution  Hathor the Cow Goddess, attachment parenting superhero, never fails to amuse! (at
 Babywearers Anonymous*  Beware, you may see yourself here!


 Sling Moms  An on-line game where you drag and drop babies and slings onto the moms, by Kristine. (at

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